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Rocking the world of Reverse Mortgage Loans.

Welcome to the official spot of the famous Reverse Mortgage Rock group, The Head. The Head is a rock group with a difference. Spurred by the success of their first real performance before a crowd at a reverse mortgage seminar some years ago, the have gone ahead to write and record more songs dedicated to reverse mortgages. 

Their stage performance is electrifying just as their lyrics entertain and educate. They have other songs that are not reverse mortgage related but their fame stems from their ability to compose songs related to reverse mortgages and still maintain the electrifying and compelling nature of rock music

They have become a popular feature at large reverse mortgage seminars and conventions where they perform as the opening act. Their appearance has boosted attendance at these events and it is not surprising to see younger folks at such gatherings hoping to catch a glimpse of The Head rock band. 

Reverse mortgages are special type of loans that are designed for retired senior citizens of at least 62 years of age. The beneficiaries must have and reside in a house of their own. The reverse mortgage reverses the equity of the homes and thus beneficiaries could have access to funds based on the value of their homes. The funds could be accessed as an open line of credit, a fixed monthly income or a combination of the two. Reverse mortgage funds can come in handy in taking care of home repair and renovation costs, health and insurance costs, vacation and many more. However, the structure of reverse mortgage loans does not make them suitable for everyone who just qualifies for them. It is always advised that ones see a reverse mortgage counselor before deciding.  

The group members consists of Teddy Randy the leader and lead vocalist, Sarah Hopskins the only female group member and also a major vocalist. Bailey Penndel and Henry Messi are also members and they play a number of key instruments between them.  

There latest 8 track album, Hopping Chicago has just been released with five songs dedicated to reverse mortgage and is doing well in the market.